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Director Gary Ross has carefully chosen and utilized the aspects of mise-en-ccene in his film Hunger Games, to easily and effectively communicate to the audience about the central idea of the inequality between the rich and poor, and how power and oppression can cause people to become rebellious. The hunger Games is set in a post-apocalyptic America in the not too distant future, in which twelve districts surround the central city of the Capitol. The audiences follow the protagonists Katniss Everdeen and Peeta Mellark through their journey as they struggle to fight and survive in a life threatening battle which is known as the Hunger Games. The scene, “Shooting the apple”, where Katniss shows her shooting skills to the Game makers, clearly demonstrates how…show more content…
Frequently throughout the film, the audiences see shots in Katniss’s POV and other characters with the camera shaking. After Katniss misses the target, the camera starts to shake in a close up of Katniss. At the same moment, clockwork like music begins and slowly starts to rise. The combination of camera movements and music intensifies our feeling of shock and causes tension to rise as if we are experiencing Katniss’s internal struggles and emotions. Similarly, we feel Katniss’s relief as music stops straight after we follow Katniss’s POV into a long shot of the arrow that has hit straight into the heart of the target. Then we follow Katniss’s view as camera pans to the Game makers to see if they had observed her fantastic work, however they were busy talking and amongst each other while laughing at her previously missed shot. In the following close up shot of Katniss, the audience can see how angry and disappointed she is at the Game makers for their rudeness and not paying attention to

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