The Woman Warrior Essay

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In the memoir, The Woman Warrior, Kingston provides behavioral and cognitive differences in Moon Orchid in order to show the Chinese culture and American culture differ in ways of life. Moon Orchid has moved from China to America to reunite with her husband after thirty years of being apart. Not only is Moon Orchid having trouble finding courage to search for her husband but also adapting to her new environment and accepting the difference. While Moon Orchid is trying to clear out her confusion of the strange new place her sister Brave Orchid has adapted well to the American lifestyle. As Moon Orchid examines and tests Brave Orchid's children behavior she is baffled by their acceptance of compliments, "She tried all kinds of compliments, and…show more content…
Moon Orchid states that the kids have good qualities, but they could never be servants. In the Chinese culture women could either be a servant or a housewife, therefor Moon Orchid's cognitive view of the children sees them unsuccessful in China unless they change their attitude and view of themselves. Moon Orchid is cognitively different because she is predisposed to see children only acceptable if they meet the Chinese standards. In China Moon Orchid never had to work because she had consistent supply of money being sent from her husband. Brave Orchid attempts to assist her sister, Moon Orchid, in finding a job she can perform well at. Kingston describes the process when assessing Moon Orchids skills, "It infuriated Brave Orchid that her sister held up each dish between the thumb and forefinger, squirted detergent on the back and front, and ran water without plugging up the drain. Moon Orchid only laughed when Brave Orchid scolded"(Kingston 135). Brave Orchid has been adapted to the American way of life for a long period of time, whereas Moon Orchid does not understand how things work in
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