Needle Exchange Research Paper

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Needle exchange programs are services that allow injecting drug users to return used needles in exchange for clean needles. The reason needle exchanges programs are in effect are is due to the tremendous amounts of drug users who share needles for contraband use. Needle exchange programs are designed to prevent and eliminate risks tothe injection drug users from risks such as HIV, AIDS and other infections that are caused by sharing needles (“Needle Exchange Programs (NEPs),” n.d.). To a certain degree, constant research findings reveal that needle exchange programs have a positive impact on reducing the risk of infections in the community (citations?). Needle exchange programs are important because they not only decrease disease by reducing…show more content…
My parents have always tried to live in a community where drug involvement and crime rates have been really low just so their children would be kept away from such an environment. I have been living in my current home for the last 10 years and I am confident to say that the neighbourhood is very lavish and full of people who are educated and who tend to stay away from drugs. Living with people who do not associate with drugs has created me into a person who tends to stay away from people that are associated with drugs. I firmly believe that drugs correlate with the crime that happens in communal neighbourhoods; not only do people that take drugs associate in crimes but they also somehow become a part of the increasing crime rate. My views on needle exchange programs are influenced by where I live, my age, my gender and my religion. I come from a Sikh family, my background and ancestor’s are against drugs and alcohol use. I used to believe that needle exchange programs were ineffective and no one really used these clinics as a resource, but my research proves that not only do needle exchange programs have a somewhat positive result but they also they help decrease a drug users risk of getting an infectious disease. The fact that I live in an environment where drugs have become a necessity for some people, I strongly believe that us as citizens should help one another overcome our addictions and try to make our community a better place. My views are strongly associated with the way I was raised, what I was taught to do and not to do. I am not saying that I think all drug users are unacceptable and shouldn’t be allowed to live a life like ours, but I am trying to suggest that those who do use drugs should be careful in a way where their drug habit shouldn’t become the cause of acquiring new diseases or even death. Needle exchange

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