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The mise-en-scene present within The Hunger Games, directed by Gary Ross, based on the book The Hunger Games authored by Suzanne Collins, specifically in this clip, has relevant context to the movie and the plot. It incorporates a number of elements which works together to make the viewer watching involved and active, feeling what the main character, Katniss Everdeen feels, amongst getting to know the basis of the story. Lighting, colour, camera placement and movement are all some of the mise-en-scene involved in portraying the overall movie, The Hunger Games. There is a great use of depth of field focus, causing dynamic effects and forcing attention onto a particular part of the shot. In this cause, Seneca Crane (game maker) is completely…show more content…
The arrows are an important, symbolic prop, conveying sharpness and lethality, a speciality when it comes to Katniss’ ability. It resembles her in many ways as her character, Katniss, is very straight forward, one way driven and usually deals with situations hands on without much time for deliberation. Her talent to hit targets with absolute accuracy relates to the overall story of her targeting the capitol and taking them down, as if she was hunting a deer in the forest. The dark clothing she wears contrasts against the bow and arrow emphasizing the glow. There is a contrast symbolising the capitol and tributes though using the setting, make up and costumes elements. The capitol audience are located in a small room composed with many groups within the lounge socializing which is contradicting to the giant room Katniss is in, with icy lighting making her look like an ant when the camera angles down towards her from the viewing ledge. The neutral makeup of Katniss is contrasted by the make up the men from the capitol wear, making them both extreme cases. Likewise, the clothing of Katniss’ stereotyped ‘everyday’ polo shirt and pants in comparison to luxurious coats and dynamic fashion styles (ranging from clothing to hair) from the capitol. This idea focuses on wealth and power of the capitol over the poverty of districts, encouraging the plot of Katniss becoming the

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