Migration Crisis In Italy

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As mentioned above, Italy is also in the midst of an economic crisis which the migration crisis amplifies, resulting in the social conflict. One of the major reasons why Italy faces this economic crisis is due to globalization. The improvement in transport and communication technologies have enhanced the movement of people and products between countries, hence making the world more globalized. Not only does this mean the increase in movement of people (the migrants) but also organizations and companies would start to work on an international scale so as to increase profit and productivity. To do this, they outsource production to countries with lower cost labour or more highly skilled labour. Italy is one of the countries facing the problem…show more content…
According to Tajfel (1979) , there are three components in this theory, Social Categorisation, Social Identification and Social Comparison. First Social Categorisation occurs when the individual regard themselves as part of a group, for example nationality. Second comes Social Identification where the individual identifies themselves as part of the group more openly by taking on their social norms and attitudes of the group. Lastly Social Comparison happens is where the group (and individual) start to compare themselves with other groups . They regard themselves as more superior which would lead to discrimination and prejudice. In the case of the Migrant Crisis in the EU, the people in the EU are known to have a strong sense of national pride due to their long historical roots in the area they also do not have a history of being an immigrant country. With this identity, they start to compare themselves with others (migrants) with a biased opinion and inaccurate perceptions of others (this will be further explained in the paragraph below) and judge others accordingly. As a result, prejudice emerges in those who compare and…show more content…
Globalization has led to economic downturns in the EU which is unable to securely support its own future. In turn this causes the Italians to fight for more security by rejecting the migrants. Alternatively, globalization assists the dissemination of information by allowing access to more countries around the world. However sometimes false information prevails more than the truth, causing misconceptions of foreigners, leading to stereotypes and prejudice. Therefore the source of the social problems that have risen from the European Migration Crisis can be linked back to

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