Stem Cell Advantages And Disadvantages Essay

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Stem cells possess noteworthy capability to grow into various types of cells during the initial life circle in the body. They tend to serve as an internal repair system in many tissues, dividing fundamentally without any limit to reload other cells till the human or the creature is alive. Post the division of each stem cell, every new cell has the prospective to stay a stem cell or transform to another cell type with additional specific function. The stem cells’ essential properties are studied by the scientists to be able to differentiate the stem cells from other cells. Stem cells are being used to research new drugs and different causes of birth defects are being studied. Advance scientific research is being held to study how a life form…show more content…
There are researchers of the belief that the key to reverse the ageing factor in humans and to extend the life term of human beings is the stem cells. 7. Embryonic stem cells are adjustable and can adapt themselves as they have the ability to adapt them to any cell type and are better in stem cell therapy. 5. DISADVANTAGES OF STEM CELLS Stem cell has been discovered recently and there are some grey areas which can’t be neglected. 1. This is comparatively a new technique which is still more in the research phase and the long terms impacts that this will have as a result of directly challenging the nature is not known. 2. There has been a lot of opposition from various religious groups as well as from various political parties on the use of embryonic stem cell. The blastocysts get destroyed during the treatment procedure, post the abstraction of stem cells. This section of society believes this sort of practice is a kind of killing which is an immoral and unacceptable practice. 3. All ailments cannot be treated with stem cell therapy. 4. This technology is expensive. 5. The fully grown stem cells are pre-specialized and do not have scope of differentiation. 6. The stem cells which are derived from embryos can be rejected as they are not patient’s

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