Narrative Essay: Olfat Shahabzada

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Narrative Essay Don’t you ever wonder how it feels to fully grow up in a country other than the U.S? How does it feel to finish school till high school in another country and have very good friends? You move away from your home country leaving everything behind. Olfat Shahabzada has grown up in Kabul, Afghanistan. She could have finished her education there, but she had to come to America because of her family problems. Coming to America was easy, but getting used to the new schools, communities, and the new people was hard. There were many hard times in her life because she always wanted to achieve her goal. The experience of growing up in another country has not affected her continuation of reaching her goal. The goal she has continued to reach, which is finishing her education and becoming a doctor.…show more content…
Although she hasn’t reached that level yet, Olfat currently studies at UC Davis finishing up her Bachelor’s degree in the major which she favors the most, biology. “ It’s mostly about the human body, which allows you to take care of yourself” say Olfat. Also, she added that biology is very fascinating. It all started when she was a young girl in middle school and was asked what she wanted to become. She replied, “... a doctor… I’ve always wanted to help people…” Olfat has always wanted to learn more about the human body and to become a doctor to help people. This has only came with the help of certain

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