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St. Paul’s Co-educational College IBDP Physics Experiment M5 Relationship between the net force and the acceleration of a system Name: Sze Kai Man Carmen Class: 5I Date: 8th November, 2014 Objective To find the relationship between the magnitude of the net force on a system and the resulting acceleration. Apparatus 1 piece of thin string, 1 pulley, 1 trolley, 1 runway, 7 20-g slotted masses (including a hanger), 1 data collecting interface (PASCO Xplorer GLX), 1 motion sensor, 1 laptop with data-logging software installed (DataStudio), 1 triple beam balance, 1 small corkboard Theory The Newton’s second law states that the net force on a body is equal to the product of the mass of the body and its acceleration. This law can also be represented by the equation…show more content…
In order to study the relationship between the net force and the acceleration mentioned in the Newton’s second law, several different values of F (which is the accelerating force caused by the suspended slotted masses and gravity) and a should be measured and then plotted to a suitable graph, while the mass m of the system is kept

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