How Can Hamlet Be Considered A Tragic Hero?

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How can Hamlet be considered a “ Tragic Hero? ” In many way’s I think Hamlet can consider a tragic hero one way that come’s to mind is he is motivated to punish the person who murder his father. When the book comes to a close Hamlet think’s his best act should be to kill him self. In a sad ending Hamlet dies like any other tragic hero to see what the result of his action because he is the one that possesses the tragic hero roll. Another point we are going to touch base on in the essay is the many tragic flaw’s Hamlet has, one of those many tragic flaws are; Understanding the power of language and words that bring about his must have tragic ending. Understanding of words allows Hamlet to become edgy with meanings. What make Hamlet over the top tragic hero are his decisions and his tragic flaw isn’t his wrongdoing. He shows though fullness in his character in his problem solving situations. Being apart of royal blood makes him be involved in his negative problems he is almost hurt is a tragic event, even if its not because of…show more content…
Lets take one step back and tell you the definition of a tragic flaw. Its is a literary device that can be defined as a trait in a character leading to his downfall and the character is often the hero of the literary piece. This trait could be the lack of self-knowledge; lack of judgment and often it is hubris (pride). Hamlet is relatable to this definition because he lacks to believe the worst. Hamlet doesn’t think he is sure is Claudius killed his father. Its hard to think someone very close like your father has been killed by someone you know, also to think that it was your uncle is the one to kill you father is very weird. When getting revenge to the one who killed your father is very noble of Hamlet, when he is not sure that Claudius kill Hamlets dad. Hamlet waits giving the time of Claudius to set up the death of Hamlet. Hamlets downfall of not believing the worst will guide him to a slow

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