Mental Issues In Today's Prison System

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I went on the Health website and found some expensive plans. I put my information in and got a plan for 311 dollars a month with a 5,000 dollar deductible and a 6,600 dollar out of pocket expense. The mental Health coverage that I would have is I could have outpatient behavioral services for a co-payment of 45 dollars per visit and I would still have to pay the deductible and the out of pocket expense, before this insurance would go into effect and pay anything. Once the deductible is meet there is still a 50% co-insurance, which means that I will still be responsible for half of the cost of whatever the services might have rendered. The insurance then would only pay the other half of the cost. Realistically, I would not be able to…show more content…
Today’s prison system is over run with people who are mentally ill and psychiatric wards full of criminals. The overlap between the two are almost impossible to decipher. It is estimated that the prison populations is at least five times greater than in the general population. The most commonly report mental issues are anti-social behavior and post-traumatic stress disorder What is the reason that our prisons and jails are full of mentally unstable inmates? Police patrol America’s streets and frequently encounter individuals who are mentally ill. When police are called involving a mentally ill person who is accused of an unlawful act, despite how minor the infraction may be. They still have to take them to jail on the grounds that they broke the law and the prison system is not allowed to say that they do not want this person. Most prisons and jails have inadequate access to mental health services during the incarceration. Inmates frequently are released from jail showing severe indications of a psychiatric issue from not receiving proper services. The consequences are very real here as an inmate is released back into the community without the proper mental health service they could be back in jail and the community will have to keep paying the cost for this person to go in and out of jail which neither the individual or the community is getting what they need. If mental health services had been available for this inmate, then he would have had the proper support and recovery plan for when he was

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