Comparing My Life And Huck's Life

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My life and Huck’s are very alike. Our lives also very different. Huck is more of a cool dude but he is also gets very nervous in front of people. I’m more of a crazy guy but I also get very nervous. Huck’s life is way worse than mine. He gets beaten and he is his dad’s slave. My family treats me right and loves me a lot. Huck has no family members beside his dad. His dad treats him like he is nothing. His dad stole huck from Miss Watson so he could be his personal slave. Huck’s dad is a very cruel man that treats him like he is nothing. In this part of our lives we are very different. My dad treats me fair and with respect. My dad is always showing me how much he loves me. I love my dad a lot. On the other side Huck does not love his dad at all. I and Huck have very different personality. Huck is a supersites guy. He worries about life too much. He over thinks about life too much. He likes to think about things before he even does them. On the other hand I’m very different. When I do things I don’t think about anything. I don’t like to plane ahead. I just go with the flow. Sometime I wish that I was like Huck. If I was like huck maybe I would not get in trouble as much. I would sometimes like to be like Huck because he is calm and thinks before doing things. I wish I…show more content…
He has been a slave for his dad since forever. All Huck wants to do is be free. That’s all Huck want to do since he was small. He can’t be free since he lives with his dad. Huck can’t go anywhere without someone. He mostly stays in his house. Me on the other hand I’m very different and my family. My family trusts me. They let me go anywhere as long as I’m good and they know where I’m going. My family can trust me with anything. I and Huck also want to be free. I’m free but I just want to be independent person and not have to worry about my family providing for me. I’m also glad for the family I got and I love them a

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