Mental Health Issue Analysis

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This will be an examination of how the status of different mental states of the people of the United States negatively affects the way their government treats them. The progression of this examination will include two relative perspectives of how mental state can, and is exploited by the government to get what it wants, and how the government does not accurately take the mental state of its people into consideration when reviewing cases that involve criminal . These perspectives will be portrayed through the point of view of a defender of the rights of the people of the United States that have a mental state that negatively affects their decision making process and how they view the logistics of that said individual’s society or living environment.…show more content…
The government influences people into doing what they want by using “variables that influence mental health and can be controlled by organizational decision makers.” (Ronald Fischer, from the International Journal of Psychology). The government wrongly influences the general populace which can in turn affect mental health and overall decreases the health of said populous. This leads into how the government overly blames negative mental status on negative social conditions such as homelessness, criminality, and unemployment. They link together, it is like a chain reaction. The government exploits populace by implementing variables that can be controlled by them to affect mental health and status, which in turn allows them to blame negative social conditions for people with said mental illness. It has also been thoroughly proved that people with mental illness are more likely to be poor which is another effect of the government's exploitation (Draine Jeffery, from the American Journal of Psychiatric…show more content…
This is a valid argument, but includes the fact that the government is avoiding the issue. Instead of working to help people with mental illness, the government views it as an excuse of people who use the insanity plea and do not go to the lengths necessary to distinguish those that actually have a mental illness from those who do not. Which also has the possibility to expose people with actual mental illness to unnecessary danger in prison or even expose prisoners to unnecessary danger being in contact with someone who is mentally ill to an extreme. Another risk involved in not getting mentally ill criminals needed help would be reentry into society. If the government doesn’t take necessary precautions then not only is it putting the mental patients at risk but entire communities as well. If mental patients are reentered into a community incorrectly, they may still have mental issues and this could lead them to commit crimes that could potentially put themselves and other community members at

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