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Ames room is a dimensional structure that was created by American ophthalmologist Adelbert Ames Jr. The very first Ames room was created in 1946, which was based of German scientist Hermann Von Helmholtz. When seeing through the peephole, the person loses perception. The purpose of the room is to mess with what you see and what you're suppose to see. For example, when you peep through the hole, you notice that one person is bigger than the other. Reason is how the room was made. When you see it from the little hole point of view, the wall is parallel and would appear cubed shaped when you're looking through the peephole. The room is actually trapezoidal shape, by the fact that the wall is slanted and one of the corners is closer to the viewer than the other.…show more content…
However, this is not the case. What the person actually sees is a trapezoid shaped room, with walls slanted and everything else is at an incline and when you see a picture of the room, you’ll notice that the right corner is closer to the observer than the left corner. Ames room is not that complicated, but when people look through it, there is a problem. The person on the viewer’s left side is smaller than the person in the viewer’s right side. There is size differences because of the slant floor and roof that mess with the perception that the viewer is seeing. We will not notice that the perception we are seeing is not the real thing, it is an optical

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