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In the realistic fiction novel "Looking for Alaska" by John Green, Miles goes to a new high school and makes a small group of friends consisting of Alaska, The Colonel, Takumi and Lara. Through all their adventures and fun times, Alaska dies at the end of the novel, due to a car crash. Miles and The Colonel go on an investigation to see what exactly made her leave at such an early time and drive to an unknown location. An important, reappearing quote from "Looking for Alaska" is "How will we ever get out of this labyrinth of suffering?" This quote is important because it related to Alaska in such a way that its possibly one of the most important things to her, and the characters make connections with the quote from the beginning all the way through to the end of the novel. Alaska finds the quote by Simon Bolivar fascinating and keeps trying to get Miles to answer the question. The quote relates quite well to the theme of suffering and how the characters cope with their…show more content…
I personally thought the ending was quite sad as all the characters would do is sulk, but eventually they got into action to investigate. They find out more about where Alaska was going, and if the driving under the amount of alcohol she drank was enough to swerve and avoid the accident. Most of the time it was confusing, as Alaska wasn't alive to tell them the information she holds, and the investigation went quite slow and often came to stops and dead ends; though, I really liked how everything tied up in the end and all the pieces fit together perfectly, and the little bit of question and mystery they left as they concluded their search was perfect. I'm quite satisfied with the ending, and I liked how the last two pages ended with Miles' essay on death and the afterlife, as it all was wrapped up

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