Personal Narrative: My Experience At Foss Swim

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My favorite spot on the face of the earth is the YMCA pool, preferably the Southdale Y. I started taking swim lessons at Foss Swim School when I was five. I would go swimming, get changed, get a Great Job! stamp, and then head over to Panera Bread which was just across from the pool in the Knollwood Mall. Of all the places I’ve taken swim lessons, the Southdale Y in Edina was my favorite. Maybe that is because they actually taught you the proper swim techniques and helped you get better. When I swam at the Ridgedale Y, the coaches never helped you get better and improve your time. Also, the kids I swam with were not very enjoyable to swim with. Some of the kids were just rude and disrespectful. The coaches favorite and my least favorite game to play was Ships across the…show more content…
You would get there and find your coaches who put your times of when you swam all over your right forearm with a thick permanent marker. Then you would put on all your swim gear and swim a few laps and practice a few starts. Then you stood and sang the national anthem, then go back to a room filled with wet little bodies running and screaming everywhere. You would wait in the freezing cold room until your event was coming up. Parents would line you up in your designated heat and lane, then you would head over to your block. After you swam and got your time, you would march back to the freezing cold room, careful not to slip on the soaking wet floor for fear of cracking your skull open. After you swam all your events you would head to the hopefully hot showers where you would scratch like mad at your forearm to get the permanent marker off. After that, you got changed and if you had thick, long hair that took hours to dry, like me, and if it was below the freezing point of water outside, your hair would become like ice and stick out in strange ways. That is what would happen at a swim meet, or what happened to me

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