Differences Between The Giver Book And Movie

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"We gained control of many things. But we had to let go of others."(The Giver Lowry 120) says the Giver, the only person in a future world who has memory of before sameness. The novel The Giver, read by many, was recently converted into a movie. The Giver, both the book and movie is based in the future. The government has created a so called equal society. In it nobody sees color, nobody lies and nobody loves. Most people would agree that books are generally better than their film variations, however both the novel and film The Giver were exceptionally good. The text The Giver and its film variation were different in many ways. In the novel there is a ceremony every year celebrating the children in the community growing up. The last one a child in the community participates in is the ceremony of the twelves, where children become adults in training. In the film this occurs at age eighteen. During the book Joanas the main chericter began seeing the color red. This is called "seeing beyond". In the film he observes glimpses of all the colors. At age twelve in the community you been taking pills these pills stop you from feeling love. However during the film you take injections throughout your life that take away the feeling of love.…show more content…
All the chericters in both the book and the move where the same. No new chericters where added however some were made a bigger part of the story in the movie. In both the book and the movie Jonas's best friends where Asher and Fiona. The novel and the film where both based in the future, where everything is controlled by the government and only two people have memories of the past, Jonas and the

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