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The Salsa dance form is a popular social dance form that was originated in Eastern Cuba in the late 1960s. The term “Salsa” originated in New York and was highly influenced by Puerto Ricans. The Salsa dance form has been reformed and refined by many cultures over the past decades. Salsa dance is comprised of a fusion of informal dance styles having roots in Latin and North America, and in the Caribbean. Salsa was primarily an amalgam of Cuban son and African American Jazz. The name “Salsa” is the Spanish word for sauce in American Spanish, implying a spicy flavor. Salsa dancing requires two partners, although there are recognized solo steps. Social dance and improvisation are significant elements of Salsa but also appears as a performance…show more content…
Cuba was already a melting pot for several other types of Latin Dance including the Mambo, Tango and Flamenco. The new sound of “Salsa” was broadcasted through the island clubs and all over the radio by a local studio called Fania. This allowed the Salsa culture to spread north to Miami and South America. Salsa dancing arose in Mexico City and New York around the time of the World War II. Salsa then flourished as a popular nickname for a variety of Hispanic influenced music including the Son Montuno, Mambo, Cha cha, Merengue and others. There was greater investment and wider publicity of salsa, which produced more commercial music. However, the term, Salsa, did not become prevalent until the…show more content…
Also, African Americans largely influence Los Angeles’s music and dance culture. Albert Torres, Laura Canellias and Joe Cassini are recognized for the early expansion and development of L.A. style salsa. Dissimilar to New York style salsa, L.A style is danced on 1, which means the dancer, breaks on the 1 versus breaking on 2. According to, “those who dance LA style are said to dance to the beat which means they follow the downbeats of the music.” The LA dancers tend to be much more flashy and energetic compared to New York dancers. Cuban salsa involves different music and different movements, they are more round in the way that they dance and there is a lot more movement for the woman. There is a much more extravagant and physical style of dance because Los Angeles revolves around the

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