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I am reading to Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee. I'm on page 42. This book is about Scout and Gem who are brother and sisters. They hear stories about boo who is a boy who stabbed his dad with scissors. Scout and Gem start school. Scout is having troubles with school. In this paper I will be predicting and evaluate. I predict the the kids will not meet Boo. One reason I think they will not meet Boo because he has not been seen. The shutters and doors of Boo’s house are never open on Sundays. They also do not go to church but they did worship at home. Another reason I do not think they will not meet Boo because they are scared of him. One reason they are scared of Boo is because he stabbed his dad with scissors. He was also in a gang where they did not do much but did enough to get the town to talk about them. Boo was also known to be a peeper. It is heard that Boo would look through windows at people sleeping. Boo is supposed to be six and a half feet tall ,with a scar that ran across his face. This is why i think the kids will not meet Boo.…show more content…
From the book you can see that the Ewell’s are not clean. One way you can tell the Ewells are not clean is from Burris Ewell. He when to class with bug in his hair. The book explains that he pinched the bug between his thumb and forefinger, so it must not be his first time having the bug. Another way you can tell the Ewells are not clean people is from how the book straight out says that they are dirty people. In the book they said that his neck was dark gray, and his fingernails were black. In the book the Ewells are also known to not be smart. One way they are shown not to be smart is how often they go to school. In the book it says they go to school the first day of school then the rest of the year they skip. When the teacher asked his him to sit down he stood up and left the school
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