To Kill A Mockingbird Moral Education Analysis

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People who have a better moral education, have a greater understanding of society. The importance of moral education is displayed in many ways throughout the storyline of To Kill A Mockingbird. For example, the people of Maycomb have their prejudices about a character named Boo Radley but Jem and Scout know that there is more to him than what people say. Also, they understand that social inequalities among the society of Maycomb, the Tom Robinson trial revolves a lot around racism. Due to the Finches having good morals and supporting social equality, they will be judged by the people of Maycomb. Many rumors have spread among the Maycomb community about a character name Arthur Radley but is more commonly known as “Boo Radley”. Jem and Scout have a special…show more content…
This is referring to Jem explaining how he had broken his arm. Dill is a good friend of Scout and Jem. Jem, Dill, and Scout try to get Boo Radley to come out of his house to meet him many times throughout the story. It is also revealed early on in the story that he does come out of his house when Scout says “But there came a day, barely within Jem’s memory, when Boo Radley was heard from and was seen by several people, but not by Jem.” (Lee 13). This is a reference to the end of the story when Boo Radley comes out to save Jem and Scout when they are being attacked. Jem was knocked unconscious during the incident and did not wake in time to get to meet Boo Radley which he had been trying to do for years. Although Jem was not awake, Scout was able to meet Boo Radley. As Atticus defends a black man named Tom Robinson in a trial, Jem and Scout end up becoming involved in a lot of it. They understand that the verdict probably won’t be in their favor because the case revolves so much around racism. Atticus alludes to this when he

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