Boo Radley Journal

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I am reading To Kill A Mockingbird by Harper Lee. In the first chapter we learn about two kids, Jem and Scout, living in the small town of Maycomb, Alabama. They end up makings friends with a visiting boy named Dill, who shows curiosity in the Radley house, especially when hearing the story of Boo Radely. For this journal I will be predicating and characterizing. Firstly, I predict that the kids will not meet Boo Radley. I have come to this conclusion, because of evidence supporting the idea that Boo is locked up. In truth the kids admit they have never seen Boo. They have only heard about him from others. This could mean Boo does not come into town often, if at all. Another reason for my theory is that Boo had disappeared after barely escaping arrest on multiple charges.…show more content…
After that Boo was not seen again for fifteen years, with Jem insisting that Boo could have even been chained to his bed. Finally, my last reason for the possibility of Boo being closed off, is that the whole Radley family is hardly seen, or known about. The house doors remain shut, the shutters are usually down on Sundays, and the Radleys do not attend church. Despite being welcome, the Radleys do not even socialize. The father occasionally comes out to buy groceries, but only for a short time, barely acknowledging others. I also feel they will not meet Boo, because Jem and Scout are petrified of him. We learn in the story that the mere knowledge of Boo could keep the kids disciplined. Children refused to touch pecans that fell from the Radleys’ pecan trees. Jem and Scout went as far as to believe Boo dined on cats and squirrels, had yellow teeth and supported a jagged facial scar. Another reason I believe in their fear, is because they continuously warn Dill about the dangers of the Radleys. When Dill inquired about Boo, Jem and Scout told him about how Boo supposedly stalked Miss Stephanie Crawford. Jem warned Dill that if he wanted to get killed, all he had to do was knock the
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