Short Summary: John Castor Carter's 'Imperialism'

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Imperialism story A cold November night John Castor Carter lights the fire in the small cabin in the southern woods of ohio in his land. As he walks to the diner table his wife says “John do you think that they will ever buy more land out west?” “Maybe it sure would be nice,but for now we live here,” said John. as his family says Grace and then eats then the two kids go to bed.John plans to go out and hunt and split wood.He says “honey tomorrow while I'm out, I’m leaving a gun in case the bandits come back that way you guys will have a way to protect yourself” (now see the bandits had tried to steal from Johns family but failed every time). John morning breakfast you need to fuel up if you're going to hunt and split wood. Well I’m going to go to town first.Why his wife asked well here's why if i…show more content…
Your are right so as they set out they noticed that it was starting to snow . Well I guess that I is filey winter. Yes sir lets hope that we will be home for christmas you know.yes. But I do have to say the snow falling on the trees to looks very nice but we should stop for the night.We will get going in the morning but there not in washington there in michigan.What! you know that i will never go there and I always wanted to go to washington! I’M NOT GOING TO THERE. No you must come with me. WHY! well it’s the revolver boys or aka your broth.. brothers.What why did you not tell me! well i was afraid that you would not come with me. well of course not they banned me i'm not going to take them out. I’m leaving the price that we will pay you is $100.Ok lets go! wow that's all it took.Yep I have a family to provide for you know !Well let's get back on the road if we don’t they will get out of our reach andn't stop on the way to get

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