Examples Of Epiphany In The United States

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Every morning in elementary school, before classes began, I along with my fellow classmates would chant the pledge of allegiance. At the time I did not think too much of the chant and was not really thinking about the words I was proclaiming. However, looking back at one line in the pledge, the last line, I cannot truly attest to this anymore: “One nation indivisible with liberty and justice for all.” Was this the truth? Was there truly liberty and justice for all? Unfortunately, I realized this a few years later during middle school. It was during a football game I attended with both of my older brothers. As we were performing the pledge of allegiance, I had an epiphany. While reading that last line of the pledge I came to the sad realization…show more content…
And at that time the United States along with most countries did not allow for a man to marry a man and for a woman to marry a woman. I was raised to be a patriot and to love my country. And to this day, I still do love my country and believe it is the home of the free. But this does not excuse the fact that I, an American citizen was having my liberties and freedoms infringed upon. Simply put, I could not marry whom I loved, and even though my love for this person would have been in way different from the love my brothers would have for their wives, my partner and I were not entitled to the same rights and liberties as both my straight brothers and their wives could have. Although my partner and I would have loved each other dearly, this love would not be recognized legally as love between a man and women would have been. And more importantly, certain rights and freedoms were given to these straight couples that were not given to gay couples. If I had a romantic partner for many years and that partner got into a horrible accident, I could not visit him in the emergency room because I would not be considered part of his family. Furthermore, married couples have an array of benefits such as cheaper healthcare and tax write offs that my partner and I would not…show more content…
The formal structures that legally have the power to control and allow/disallow same-sex marriage are the federal and the state governments. However, from an informal point of view, it is the American population and society itself that holds the true power in this situation. Although the government has undeniable power, it is the American people that elect government officials and bestow upon them this power. If most people wanted same-sex marriage legal and the government officials disagreed, then the officials would be kicked out of office. This is the great thing about a democratic form of government: the power is given to the people. However, this does not mean that democracy is without its flaws. For instance, in a democracy, society often forgets about and even oppresses those who are not in the majority, otherwise known as minorities. English philosopher John Stuart Mill came to call this phenomenon tyranny of the majority. In his work, On Liberty, he states that while many societies have deposed of their tyrannical leaders of old, a new problem developed in their absence. Mill found that in a democratic society that the majority tends to force their opinions and will on the minority. Homosexuals certainly fit into this equation. And perhaps this is why throughout time that their liberties have been encroached

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