Importance Of Playing Archery

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Late last year I was introduce to ARCHERY. My first experience in playing the sport is with Kodanda Makati branch. However, I wasn't able to comeback in the range for a long time due to my crazy busy schedule. Then a good news came a month ago when I was invited to visit and play Archery once more at their newly opened range at BF HOMES Parañaque. Today, I would like to share with you my experience as well as some pertinent information about KODANDA's new branch. HOW TO GET THERE The newly opened Kodanda Archery Range is situated at the second floor of Metro star Mall in Aguirre Street BF Homes Parañaque. The mall is at the left side of the road, just a few meters away from BF Homes Main Gate. If you are commuting, you can ride a jeepney (Southland) or tricycle passing along Aguirre street. If you have a car or motorcycle but has no sticker you can temporarily leave an I.D to the security personnel at the guard post (upon entry) in exchange for a gate pass . Make sure though to return the gate…show more content…
It's been a long time I visited an Archery range but thanks to Shirley (Branch Supervisor) for giving me some sort of a refresher course during that day. First, I was asked to read and understand the RANGE RULES AND ARCHER'S ETIQUETTE (Note: to follow the guidelines at all times once you are inside the range). After which, equipment and tools are handed to me including the bow, arrows, finger tab (guard) and bag then Ms. Shirley placed the sheet on the target board. She also reminded me of the proper form that includes the stance (stand), the grip and the shot execution. The moment of truth :) About to release the arrow and aim for the target Even my husband couldn't resist to try and play Archery again.... My husband couldn't hide his excitement to hit the bulls eye but the emoticons are unnecessary. Haha Our best shot

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