Medication Error In Nursing

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Garcia (2006) had stated that nurses play the main role in ensuring and preventing medication errors. Researchers had reported that 38% of medication errors that take place in hospitals are serious and leads to mortality. Nurses being the majority number of healthcare provider had been found to be responsible for 26% to 38% of medication errors that takes place in hospital settings. In fact nurses’ vital role is ensuring that all patients would receive safe treatment (Kim, An, Kim & Yoon, 2016). The last person that checks on the medication before dispensing to the patients’ are nurses, thus if they had ensure correct prescription and dispensing, medication error can be prevented (Carolyn, Debra, Patricia & Tamara, 2015). However, in my incident the nurse who did the medication error had committed to a big mistake leading to mortality. The primary nurse had been in nursing for the past ten years and being such a senior she should had question the doctor’s order. In average there are about six to ten cases of CABG and this nurse had been taking care patient’s post CABG. We had never received such orders. I strongly believe that if only she has the knowledge on IV KCL, she would not…show more content…
Till today I keep thinking, if only the error did not take place the patient would have been still being alive. The fact that now the patient is dead I strongly believe that this form of medication errors is not acceptable at all, for any hospital settings regardless of government or private settings. Investigation by investigation had been carried out. The management had taken the incident seriously and based on the investigation the nurses involved was put under strict surveillance and the primary nurse was transferred to Medical Records Department where she will no longer handle medications. The TL had to be monitored and retrained

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