Impossible Knife Of Memory Conflicts

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The novel The Impossible Knife of Memory has several conflicts. Conflict is a struggle or battle going on in the protagonist’s life. There are two types of conflicts, internal and external. Internal conflict is the struggle occurring in the character’s mind. External conflict is when the character has a struggle between themself and another character or nature. The protagonist in this novel is Hayley Kincain. The two main conflicts were Hayley’s dad and schooling. The conflicts in The Impossible Knife of Memory share the same conflicts with the TV show Pretty Little Liars. One shared conflict is mental and physical pain caused from someone else. The first conflict Hayley encountered was her dad. He was always the reason to why dreadful events happened to her. Hayley’s dad, Andy was not the typical father. He was always drunk and never left the house. Somedays Hayley would have to find him blacked out or hurt. Several times in the book Hayley almost got physically hurt from him while he was drunk. This was resolved at the end of the book by Andy going to see a doctor to help his brain recover from the war memories. This brought Hayley and him closer with him becoming a better father.…show more content…
She did not like to do her school work. The teachers and principal always yelled at her for not paying attention or putting effort towards her grades. Hayley also categorized the students into two groups, either freaks or a zombie. A zombie was someone who followed the rules and everyone else while freaks were those who did what they wanted. Hayley would sit in the back of the class and doodle or doze off and not listen to anything the teacher said. This was concluded by Hayley getting a tutor and at the end of the school year she worked harder to be able to get into college. Schooling and one character who hurts the main character are two of the conflicts that are shared with the show Pretty Little

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