Pros And Cons Of A Dystopian Society

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For a Better World Dystopian societies rise and fall throughout a multitude of novels and books, with governments coming and going with. Often, in these societies, the public is kept uninformed in most matters of importance, forming a rather large bubble of ignorance for the majority of the population. With this in mind, the government has a power not seen usually in today’s world, which allows for a peace of mind for bliss. Dystopian ruling powers are successful for a long period of time, despite the negative views held by most. An example of a prosperous and thriving leading rulers, for perhaps the world. These government of powers enforce their strength, taking control off all those under their land, and their endeavors prove fruitful.…show more content…
“A futuristic, imagined universe in which oppressive societal control and the illusion of a perfect society are maintained through corporate, bureaucratic, technological, moral, or totalitarian control. (Dystopias: Definitions and Characteristics)" Various forms of control are enforced, and used to increase the already dominating government's control. Fear, a basic human instinct, is exploited, generally to prevent the idea of a rebellion from taking place against the power of the land. A power, stronger than you are, is something no one wants to go against, especially if it keeps its place on top of the pecking order. In these societies, information is kept away from the public's ears, preventing certain information that could cause dissatisfaction to be known. Only what they deem acceptable is known, regardless of its truth value. "Citizens have a fear of the outside world. (D: D&C)" and will accept anything and everything that will prevent them from dealing with it again. For nothing is better than what is already there, and that will help gain a better

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