Why Puritans: Should Religion Be Before Government?

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The Puritans were a group of English colonists who settled in America in 1558. They left England because of freedom of religion. They wanted to pray to their own church instead of the Church of England. One of the beliefs of the Puritans was the devil, which they feared. They believed those who worship the devil should be killed. This is how the Salem Witch Trials set about. There are many reasons why religion should be before government. One reason is because this country was founded by people seeking religious freedom. They were being prosecuted for their religion back in England. Another reason is that our currency today and many other things such as the “The Pledge of Allegiance” say things like in god we trust or one nation under god. Therefore religion can be before government. But there are also many reasons why government should be before religion. With many different religions there are also many different views. One being atheism, they don't believe in religion, but our laws are based on religion. In government we vote to elect officials who support our views, but in religion the church selects the leaders and their duty is to listen to god not the people. For that reason government can come before religion.…show more content…
Some changes that could be made would be to have a jury. So not just witnesses, but you get an opinion from other people that don’t even know your story until the trial starts. Also the evidence should be reliable, a dream should not be considered as evidence. Today a dream is definitely not evidence. I also believe that everybody was lying in the trials. Witnesses should be subject to cross-examination. The defendants should have lawyers and the judges should not be biased. If this trial was held today more people would probably be accused but still have received a fair

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