Disadvantages Of Waves

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Waves are everywhere around us, A Wave is a disturbance that voyages through space, mater and time. Waves in-general are divided into two types: Electric waves and Mechanical waves, some need a medium to travels through and others might need a medium to travel, In addition traveling through a vacuum. One is called the Mechanical while the other one is called the Electromagnetic, each one of those two types is divided into parts and kinds. A mechanical wave is actually divided into two types; 1-Longtudinal, 2-Transverse .In the transverse waves the matter of the medium travels perpendicularly with the direction the wave is moving through, they contain a crest, a through and also a rest . Waves are different, each one have its own properties and types, according to its nature and its own function. On 1801, an experiment was conducted by Johann Ritter, in order to study the existence of energy located beyond the visible ending of the visible spectrum. The scientist came out with results that shows that a photographic paper would actually turn to be black when it’s under blue light rather than red light, and after the access of blue and red light he putted the photographic paper under violet paper and the results he had showed that the paper turned…show more content…
For instance ultraviolet light affects many of the human organism parts and many diseases, but at the same time it does have disadvantages. Those harms are mainly related to biology; when exposing to overdose of UV-B&A we can notice that this will damage surface eyes and cells and it might cause cancer disease, although we have sunscreens that protect us from UV-B but still we have the free radical damage cause by the UV-A, some pretend that dark skin is in the safe side and protected from the harm, but after several studies, results showed that both are risked to

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