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Proteins are large and complex molecules that are vital to the function of the human body on almost every level. Nothing in your body would work properly without proteins, of which there are numerous kinds. Examples include enzymes, antibodies and messenger proteins all with their own important jobs and purposes. You hear all of the time that we must eat enough protein but you may not fully understand the extremely important role they play in your body. They do almost all of the work in cells and are made of hundreds of thousands of smaller units called amino acids. The way that the amino acids are linked in a protein indicate that proteins form and function. They make proteins 3 dimensional and are what decide what that protein's purpose is. In short, they are very important and far from simple. This is why proper…show more content…
The most prevalent protein is collagen which is in your bones and ligaments. You would be able to walk, stand or move at all without these structural proteins. As we just discussed, protein is used by the human body for a number of things. It aids in cell regeneration, brain function and in hair and skin growth. However, its most important and well-known function is probably that it is the basic building block for muscle. If you have ever spoken to a nutritionist or read a fitness magazine you know that protein is incredibly important for muscle growth and health. That is why bodybuilders tend to consume so much protein. However, you can consume too much protein and should always be careful when making any drastic changes to your diet. Protein is one of three macronutrients of which the other two are fats and carbohydrates. These three types of nutrients are needed in large quantities. However, when it comes to fats and carbs, the human body keeps stores. With protein, we have no reserves from which to pull. That means that we must be sure to get enough protein each

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