Summary Of Alex Williams 'Buying Into The Green Movement'

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Green Movement In the article “Buying Into The Green Movement”, Alex Williams speaks about the so-called “Eco-friendly” advertising that has been affecting the green movement for years. He also mentions how poorly educated rich people have been buying into this movement and how it affects the environment. Our transportation and the things we use in a day affect our environment dramatically. Oil plants, gas plants and many other big companies release pollution into the air and put things in the water, that then affect us and our environment. Some of the companies may even be too lazy to make organic products and help reduce pollution because making organic products might be "too hard". False advertizing isn’t a good thing to do. When you false advertise you state something on a commercial or a billboard or just in your store. You could say something simple like: buy or locally grown fruit. If the fruit isn’t locally grown then…show more content…
Truthfully these products do not help the world, they can actually cause more damage to the world. Big companies do not want people to know this, so they would use false advertising to make people believe that they are helpful to the environment. All of the poorly educated rich people believe this false advertising then go off and spend thousands of dollars thinking they are saving the Earth. When “Saving the Earth” they make the company's fat and happy causing them to make more products doing even more damage to the Earth. This damage that they cause is mostly air pollution from all the chemicals they use when producing all of these products. Disposing these products causes even more problems for the Earth, because when breaking down all of the chemicals go into the soil killing nearby plants. Our group strongly believes that the green movement is a lie created by companies to sell more products make them more

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