Tyson Foods Executive Summary

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Industry leader strategy Tyson Foods is the current Industry leader. The likely strategy they will be looking for could be expanding its current market with more value added products. Purdue Strategy Perdue, since also one of the leader in food processing industry, should focus on improving the quality of chicken feed which is primary for the overall chicken quality through its R& D. Also, Increasing the number of Perdue processing locations that can be accessible to individual farmers to collect their poultry should be one focus area since transportation of live chickens without following proper hygienic practices over a longer period of time will contribute to the decline of the chicken’s overall health before it is being processed. Automation…show more content…
Huge amounts of stored products increase inventory and management cost therefore reduces warehouse efficiency. In a nutshell, the primary focus of the food-processing-and-distribution industry should be inventory management. Support the Direction your industry should go To maintain the industry competitiveness, Productivity growth and the ability to respond quickly to changing economic conditions are essential. Research and development, coupled with processor innovation and capability building are recognized across poultry industry as underpinning productivity gains. In particular, developing and implementing appropriate technology solutions is critical to improving a processor’s financial performance and ensuring the sustainability of the industry. The meat processing sector is currently characterized by high volume, low margin business, therefore improving cost efficiency and productivity is critical in order for industry to remain sustainable, competitive and viable. Processors operate complex businesses in an environment characterized by high variability in both seasons and…show more content…
The plethora of outlets and offerings competing to satisfy consumers’ needs and the wide range of often conflicting messages and enticements mean that industry must ensure a coordinated and strategic approach to enhancing demand for meat products. A high level of consumer confidence in product performance is necessary for meat-industry category success. In terms of research, development and marketing, a key aim is to continue the development, delivery and reinforcement of key messages that encourage consumer and end user support for meat

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