Pair Programming Methodology

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The Agile software development methodology is one of the systematic and disciplined approaches followed in software engineering to deal with adaptability. Organizations evolve. They need to adapt to the growing needs of the business. Agile emphasizes on team work. These principles and practices impact knowledge building, sharing and consequently the overall development of the organization. There are a number of practices for agile. XP (Extreme programming), SCRUM, DSDM to name a few. One such practice related to agile is pair programming. XP is a widely acceptable agile method because the whole software process is made clear and justifiable. One of the well-established theories on XP is that programmers can respond to changing customer requirements…show more content…
Although today it is considered part of the Agile and Extreme Programming software development approach, in fact, pair programming has existed in some form since people first began to write software. In its simplest form, two programmers sit down in front of one computer terminal and trade off use of the keyboard and mouse, talking out loud as they work through the software coding process.[9] This is a great way to train new programmers. But research also shows pair programming, when the coders work well together, increases productivity and code quality. This seems rather obvious on its face: two heads are better than one, whether it is software programming, policing, flying airplanes, parenting, or any number of human activities. Plus the cost of the second coder is offset by the productivity gains and code quality.[10]. One of the more interesting aspects of pair programming is the general examples of pairs in computing history. For example, Steve Jobs and Woszniak, Bill Gates and Paul Allen, Hewlett and Packard. Computing must lend itself to collaborative work to some large degree to be successful.[11]. Advantages to Pair Programming can be highlighted as per the existing literature: In industry, software developers generally spend 30% of their time working alone, 50% of their time working with one other person, and 20% of their time working with two or more people. We use pair programming in teaching lab courses because students enjoy it and benefit from it. Pair programming by students reduces frustration from dumb programming syntax errors. Allows students to get to know other the students in the class provide a peer explanation of how something works provides reinforcement.

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