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TREATMENT CAPPY PULPY One of the things that love about the CAPPY Pulp script is that it has a totally different feeling from the Forte script.CAPPY PULPY should be young and fresh, fun and fast - a message to the senses, glazed with a ‘feel good’ vibe. This shouldn’t be only through the characters, but also through the locations. Like for example, our character’s apartment should be contemporary and cool, but maybe in an old converted warehouse. Somewhere that gives the scene more character and injects a little more of a free, bohemian mood into the spot - like that you could expect from a chic 70s hippie - Rolling Stone style, but a with 21st century wash over it. I think this reference below is a great example of what I mean.…show more content…
I feel this will create a really beautiful cyclical message for the product and a funny connection between the movies - a little red line to link two totally different TVC’s. If you saw the CAPPY FORTE film, you’d be familiar with the type of character she is. A young, innocent high school teacher, who is still too dreamy and idealistic to be able to command the slightly disruptive kids in the classroom. You’d also know that Michael is a friendly young man, they type that loves kids and helps that out probably because he is still just a kid himself. He is at that turning point in life we he can’t quite let go of his youth which is why he often falls asleep at his desk, probably because he loves to party! You’d also know how those characters met, because of Pulpy, the feeling of doing something good for someone else, and the classic ‘meet cute’ of love first sight. If you didn’t see this other commercial, it doesn’t matter. You will just see a couple who is madly in love, in a really cool apartment, with their own cool style, which is fresh, unique, even quirky but without being…show more content…
A piece that underlines all the different parts of our story and punctuates the playful drama of the spot and create to right tone right up until our final explosion of happiness. We want something that creates a sensory experience. Something that is enticing and makes the idea of drinking ‘Pulpy’ flood though you. We will also use sound effects to enhance the viewers’ experience, the sound of opening a bottle of CAPPY PULPY, the sound of it popping in your mouth, the balls, the dancing in the boxes to really bring the viewer into the moment. EDITING For the edit I would like to use two different styles. The first style will be more soft and filmic right up until the point when they drink the juice, then there will be a shift and the edit will change and become more focussed on the sensorial feeling. Close ups, in high tempo, with an emphasis on the rhythm of the music, close ups of the mouth, the eye, bottle of juice, then to a wide shot people of the people dancing to give a kind of cause and effect. It is pacey, with lots of energy - more like a music video than a movie in style. SCRIPT 2. CAPPY

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