Mcdonald's Organizational Model

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Step 4: Conceptual models The McDonald Company is required various techniques and advance strategies in their customer service relationship management, which help them to deal with customers properly and friendly manner. Here a model is going to make in which different things are represented. The initial requirement for McDonald Company is to do proper research in their CSR department in identifying the lackness of existing employees. In the second phase, the McDonald Company required to move towards information technology and adopt software application, which will help them in their human resource management department. Afterward, in the third phase, the company needs competent employees in CSR department that can be hired with the help of…show more content…
Focus on information technology and software application As the McDonald Company required to use advance system in their organization. This will help the company to save their time and other resources. Yes, it will play a vital role. 3. Hire competent employees They have skillful persons in other departments. This is required in their customer service department so the employees will be having new experiences and they will use new strategies. Yes, it will be a positive step for the McDonald Company. 4. Introduction of new techniques McDonald Company is using various techniques. However, when the company will add some new techniques, then they will further move proactively and attract customers properly. Yes, it will enhance company productivity. 5. Proper training and development of employees No, they are not given training to anyone. This will help new hired candidates to enhance their skills and properly aware of their responsibilities. Yes, it is essential. Step 6: Debate with the stakeholders involved in the…show more content…
In this manner, the company will enhance its productivity level and fulfill the gaps. These are presented as under:  Installation of the software: The software company like IBM can help McDonald Company with the installation of the software regarding their needs.  Recruiting competent candidate: Once the installation will be completed, the company’s HRM department will start the recruitment of candidates.  Give proper orientation, training, and development session: Once the requirement is done, the HRM department will give sessions to enhance the candidate awareness regarding his duties. Conclusion The McDonald Company gets significant results after using soft system method. In this way, they identify their lackness and work for it. Further, the company once install the software, then they able to recruit a proper person that can be able for using techniques and attract customers along with retaining them

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