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Palmistry – also known as Chiromancy – is the practice of foretelling an individual’s future as well as the evaluation of their character through the observation and study of the palm. Palmistry has a long and chequered history, spanning thousands of years. Here is the story; just as long and rich as our very own A (not so) Brief History It is unclear when palmistry first began however one thing is certain – humans have been fascinated by the palm since prehistoric times. This is apparent from the vast evidence of hand paintings found throughout the ancient world. Archaeologists believe this ritual to be an expression of remembrance; where the elders would cover their palms in dye and then adorn the walls with their palm print meaning the subsequent generations had a symbol to remember them by. Remarkable this proves that even the most primitive of humans were aware that every palm is unique and therefore intrinsically linked to the…show more content…
Also the author of the epic Ramayana, Sage Valmiki wrote – “The Teachings of Valmiki Maharishi on Male Palmistry” documenting the craft and how it benefits the individual. The Sages of India established a system of knowledge from the Vedas, the earliest Sacred Hindu writings. They studied the hands to understand the self and relationship with other people. While these texts are thousands of years old, it is a fair assumption that what they taught was merely passed down to them, making the practice considerably older. In India it is still common for palmists to look for a special mark on newborn babies hands. This goes back to before the birth of Buddha in 563 BC when the leading seers gathered at the Royal Palace. They felt that it was indicated in the stars and were astonished and overwhelmed to find the mark of the wheel on his hands and

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