Earth Essay: The Destruction Of The Earth

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Sydney Shaw Stacia Forst English ll 27 March 2018 The Destruction of the Earth Jane Goodall once said, ‘“How is it possible that the most intellectual creature to ever walk the planet Earth is destroying its only home?”’ (GeckoandFly).A lot of damage has been done to the natural environment of our Earth by humans. We have taken away from much of its natural beauty with litter and many other things.We should cherish the Earth, because it is our ONLY home. We are destroying the natural environment of Earth as we know it. Humans play a big role in the destruction of the Earth. We are suppose to be the caretakers of our Earth but instead we treat it like it’s not a priority. Robert Burmeister claims that “Our relationship with Earth has historically been one of imbalance and overuse.” It is easy to think that what we are doing won’t make an impact, but stuff adds up. The Earth is so beautiful, it has so much to offer and so…show more content…
“An estimated 15% of all greenhouse gases released come from deforestation “(Cesareo, Kerry) “Tropical rainforests are home to much of the Earth’s biodiversity” and is where most of the concern is placed when it comes too deforestation, for that reason(Cesareo, Kerry). Deforestation can destroy animals habitats or harm and kill the animal itself. “Deforestation disrupts the water cycle, increases soil erosion, and disrupts the livelihoods of people”(Cesareo, Kerry). Littering nowadays is ridiculously common. How hard is it really too just throw your trash away, OR even better RECYCLE it? Littering makes the Earth look gross and takes away from its beauty. Yes, putting trash in a trash can will mean it eventually will be put into a landfill, but at least it is being contained there away from animals that can be harmed from it and not making the planet look bad. Recycling is even better though and is so helpful to the Earth, because trash like plastic takes so long to break down and

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