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Many people throughout the states debate whether a specific book should get banned due to the fact how dark, inappropriate and strong language the book contains. Others judge and reasons that a book could even teach a reasonable lesson even how strong or dark the book contains. A notable book called The Maze Runner is a well known book to contain violence and death towards kids that are against themselves and even wicked machines that hunt children. This all meet the requirements of becoming a banned book. Behind that explanation, teens should be allowed to read The Maze Runner in school because it teaches the readers to have determination, learn the importances of others, and never give up. First off, The Maze Runner teaches the readers to have determination in dangerous situations. For instance, during the night of the Maze, Grievers are machines that become active during the fearful night and hunt any runners in the Maze. Thomas, Alby, and Minho are the victims to succumb this situation. “Thomas had a plan in mind to save Alby and myself when Minho decided to run off alone in the Maze. ‘I had no choice but…show more content…
During the Gathering, everyone survivors in the Glade was in despair and mute how impossible is to escape the maze. Thomas interrupted the silence and stood up saying “It doesn’t do the Creators any good if we all died - this thing is meant to be hard, not impossible… so somebody can sacrifice himself to save others while we run to the Hole” (Dashner 313). This quote states Thomas never show to give up in a deadly situation. The chances are incredibly slim for everyone to get past Grievers in the Maze to escape. This requires a lot of sacrifice and bravery to accomplish their goal to escape. Thomas’s speech and thoughts gave hope to every survivor in the Glade on believing in escaping the maze once for all . With Thomas showing dignity to the survivors, it teaches the readers not to give their

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