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Set in the year 2019, with the majority of the film taking place in a futuristic Los Angeles, Blade Runner is a film about a retired police officer Rick Deckard, who is the protagonist and a “blade runner”, Blade runners track down bioengineered beings known as replicants and retire them which means destroying them. On the surface the movie seems to be a manhunt movie, where the hero chases down these evil villains who have escaped and are out causing trouble. Although after pondering and re-watching the film it seems more about humanity and our race to survive. All through the movie the replicants are portrayed as evil, whereas it seems they are simply on a journey to find their creator so he can save them by increasing their life span which…show more content…
The replicants who are engineered show a sense of humanity as they are consequently looking after the wellbeing of each other and even though they are viewed as dangerous, because they kill, this is only when they are agitated or threatened and it is all done because they are striving to survive and keep living, while a different contrast is shown by the humans, as they seem to lack some humanity, this is evident as they seem to just follow orders and with the state of lifestyle on earth which is depicted as bad with most of the people in the higher class vacating because of the state of things even at point in the movie a replicant questions a human on why he has not left the earth and he explains he does not chose to but the state of his health gives him no choice, and also the humans seem to show little regard for one another, the film furthers this view by showing that some humans prefer to be isolated having no friends and creating toys whom they consider friends or being very hard to get in contact with because they only interact openly with specific…show more content…
He uses a wide shot when we are introduced to the office where they replicants are manufactured this shows a sense of magnificence and totalitarian power. Also he uses crosscuts during the hide and seek chase scene between the protagonist and the leader of the replicants to build tension in the scene and show the audience what is happening from both sides. Also, using close-ups of the replicants when the test which differentiates replicants from humans, so the audience can see the subtle changes in the face and also the emotional responses in their faces and extreme close-ups for the shots of the eyes to show pupil contractions and expansions while questioning. Also wide shot is used for the city to convey to the audience the immense magnitude of the

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