Mayhew's Analysis

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Mayhew by his view congress members are termed as the “single-minded reelection seekers”, these members are driven by reelection idea and reelection should be reached for any other goal to be achieved. These members revolves on reelection even in their office and the congress has become somewhere were instead of serving people it has become the place to look for a political career. For the Senator and House members to concentrate in their offices they have taken part in these activities which acts as the platform for reelection. Mayhew terms this activity as position taking, credit planning, and advertising and the structure of congress gives the ability to serve the electoral needs and to pursue these activities of all congress members. Senators and House members their major goal is…show more content…
The congress contains variety forms of representation and literature book types on the subject of relationship of the constituency representative and the question of the relationship remains not developed according the author (Richard, 2013). These questions are; what a representative sees in a constituency when elected? What consequences in his/her do these perceptions have? The major assumption is what the representative reacts after he/she sees the constituency and the minor one is we cannot the representative constituency unless via the representatives. The aim in the constituency relations representatives and the U.S senators has derived interest and coax the light it sheds on some behavior. Pork-Barrel characterizes the general tendencies of representatives considering the ability of benefits to secure the federal and the representatives usually acquire more as they have the direct access to the funds of federal (John R. Hibbing and Elizabeth

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