Mayan Disappearance

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The Mayans, as a civilization, thrived during their time. That is why their disappearance is such a huge mystery to people today. The disappearance of the Mayans has many theories. The people of Maya may of been in control of their fate. There are three theories that can explain why the Mayans may be at fault for their own disappernce. These can give a reasonable explaination to why and how to Mayans disappered. The theories are that the Mayans suffered from over population, the Mayans over farmed their land and another possible theorie is that constant war-fare resulted in the end to the Mayan civiliztion. The Mayan civilization encompassed a large area, but there wasn't an empire of the Maya. The Mayans consisted of several different…show more content…
A very discussed idea of the disappearance of the Mayans is overpopulation, which leads to deforestation and over farming. Mayans were keen with using the land. They used the land for many aspects of life, not just for food. Mayans used land for culture and religion. Fresh water was seen as a passageway to the underworld. The decline of the Mayans took place over centuries. In this amount of time, the Mayans could have over farmed and destroyed land in which they lived in. Due to the lack of healthy land, the only option the Mayans had was to flee the area. This caused a slow decline of Mayan society. The most visible indication of the decline is the end of major projects that Mayans partook in, such as palaces and pyramids. Slowly, the Mayans realised that the land they had destroyed, could not be used. So many Mayans chose to leave. Starting at the more southern cities, which collapsed first. Northern lands continued to flourish, but soon after, those cities would too, collapse. Daily lives of ancient Mayans included various economic activities that were supposedly the provided resources for the development of Mayan society. These activities include manufacturing goods, labour and farming for foods. Since the Mayan society was growing in population, mostly all civilizations require more needs for producing foods. This is how over farming comes into play. The Mayans took

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