Mothers Who Don T Disappearance Case Study Analysis

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Introduction: “Mothers Who Don’t Disappear” is the title of the article written by Andrea Malin and was published in Human Rights Quarterly in 1994. In this article the author Andrea Malin has described the facts about act of disappearance of young Argentineans which was supported by the government and military police for overcoming the issue of repression. Author has clearly described that “disappearance” has been used by the government of many countries like Argentina, Sri Lanka for repression. According to author, disappearance is a word which has been originated from Spanish word “desaparecidos”. Disappearance was first time introduced as tactic of government to control political imbalance by Guatemala in mid 1960. Different countries under…show more content…
The history of Argentina reveals that during war time, mothers in Argentina were having their traditional role in up brining of their kids and take care of their homes and no more role especially in politics were played by the women of Argentina (Malin, 1994). In this article the author has also described the social and political roles which were played by the mothers in Argentina against the disappearance of their young Argentineans. After reading this article I have understand that what is the history of word “disappearance” and how this tactic of disappearance have been used by different governments for the sake of their different benefits. Furthermore I also have come to know that more than 30000 young individuals were kidnapped in Argentina and most of the disappearing was sponsored by Argentinean government. I come to know that an important role was played by the women (mothers) against this social issue of disappearing. This article helps me to understand that how strong a mother could be in case of disappearance of the beloved kids and what kind of important roles could be played by the women in political situations and also during war time. In this essay, I will describe the facts about disappearing in Argentina and other countries and role played by women against

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