Streetcar Named Desire Loss

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One aspect of loss in all three texts is the loss of youth, in the texts many of the characters have passed their youthful stage in life and either now try to forget about this or reminisce back to these times, wishing they were youthful once again. In A Street Car Named Desire it is Blanche who suffers most with her loss of youth, Blanche is self-conscious and knows she is aging and no longer looks how she did when she was young, however she doesn’t want others to know this, often using light to hide. Light is used as a symbol in the play, Blanche avoids direct light particularly in front of Mitch whom she refuses to tell her age to, in order to prevent him from seeing her aging beauty. Blanche becomes worried and irritated if she is in a direct light and demands for it to be turned off “ And turn that over-light off! Turn that off! I wont be looked at in this merciless…show more content…
In The Great Gatsby Daisy knows the reality of what happened between her and Gatsby in their youth cannot be changed as it is a thing of the past but Gatsby does not. At the same time Gatsby lost his youth he also lost Daisy, he wants to erase his youth and memories and go back to a time where he and Daisy loved one another. “oh you want too much!” She cried to Gatsby, “I love you now- isn’t that enough? I can’t help what’s past” she began to sob helplessly. “I did love him once, but I loved you too.” Gatsby finds it hard to deal with Daisy choosing to marry

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