Why Should Huckleberry Finn Be Banned

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Many people claim that the Mark Twain novel, Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, should not be taught in today’s educational system, as it includes languages and themes that some might find offensive. On the other hand, fans of the book claim the opposite, that it should be taught, because it is a good reflection of life back in the time period the book takes place in, which people need to know about. And the latter are correct. Huck Finn should be taught, and not banned because a few people might be offended. Many want Huckleberry Finn banned because of the language used in the book. The N word, the most controversial word in the book, is used exactly 219 times in the book in reference to the black characters, namely Huck’s “friend” Jim, who is a slave who accompanied Huckleberry Finn on his journey. Many critics of the book think that the use of the N word is too much for today’s children, who would read it in their english or writing classes. While this is a valid claim, the point is moot, as the word is used VERY…show more content…
If one were to look on Youtube, Vine (A site that uses 6 second user made clips for its content) or countless other entertainment sites, mostly on the internet, one would find that the N word is used almost constantly, and ironically enough, the main people who are using the N word for comedic value are African Americans, the main people Huck Finn critics would feel would be offended by the use of this word in Huck Finn. Nowadays, the near constant use of this word in today’s internet entertainment has almost changed the meaning of this word. Back in the time of Huck
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