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Mayan Golden Age History has has been afflicted with many wars and terrorization much more than it has held periods filled with an abundance of peace and prosperity. These rare times where innovation trumps chaos are referred to as golden ages. During our ordinary lives, we notice simple but powerful things that were invented during these periods. They can be as simple as a new farming techniques, or as advanced as a new calendar. One of these peaceful periods is referred to as the Mayan Golden Age, lasting from 200 - 900 CE. After its founding, many reforms were made to make this age golden. Some of these include polychrome pottery and their advanced cities. The advances in Art, literature and most notably, astronomy made the Mayan Golden…show more content…
They invented positional notation, or the system of writing numbers used to express multi-digit numbers. There was also a more radical invention by the Mayans and that was the concept of zero. This was used to reinforce their positional notation as zero has no value, and is a place holder. “the Maya likely discovered many of the properties of the number pi, although this is a supposition based on their other mathematical achievements.” The Mayans were a very advanced culture and they had many advances that we still use today like a calendar, number system, and pi. The Mayan Civilization’s golden age also progressed massively in art. The Mayans mainly showcased two kinds of art, architecture and paintings. The most famous painting of the Mayans were their murals. Most of the murals that were created had the flower symbol as well as paintings of daily life and paintings were ritual. Some paintings still around today, they were painted during the Classical period. This is significant because this shows how greatly the Mayans valued these murals along with their wood carvings and others etc. This is how art in the golden age…show more content…
This was a very important innovation by the Mayans because it forever affected the world after them. The modern day calendar is based on that of the Mayans including most of our society. The Mayans were the first to come up with the notion that the year had 365 days and that the day had 24 hours. This is still a gigantic implication to our society because our traditional year still has 365 days and our day has 24 hours. What was remarkable from the Mayans was that they somehow gathered the information that a trip around the sun of the earth is actually 365 days and one rotation of the earth on its axis lasts 24 hours. Their traditional calendar, also called The Vague Round, which lasted 365.5 days and consisted of 18 months, each month lasting 20 days. The Mayans also had a second calendar they used that consisted of 260 days. This was not scientifically based but more of another way to honor their gods, each day had a god assigned to it and that was the day they worshipped the

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