Annalise Keating: How To Get Away With Murder

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Annalise Keating is a high-profile attorney and a law professor of Middleton University, teaching Criminal Law 101 aka “How to Get Away With Murder”. Every year, she selects five of her best students to let them intern at her firm. For this specific episode, Annalise arrives at her office with a new case on a teenager named Zoe, who seems like a typical high school girl if not for the fact that she stabbed her best friend, not only once nor twice, but fifty times. Zoe argues however that she was brainwashed by two other girls, Molly and Megan, into killing her best friend Rachel. Laurel, one of the students of Annalise, doubts Zoe and decided to steal her phone. There, they find a video of Zoe and her friends laughing as they re-enact the scene of Rachel being murdered. It also shows Zoe telling her friends how she’d like to kill one of her teachers for giving her a C. To make sure that the prosecution doesn’t get their hands on…show more content…
(Percentile: 70%) It specifically shows on this episode the brilliance of Annalise and her vivid imagination of creating excellent ideas to further her case. Supposedly, the video being shown at court would be a great disadvantage to her, but she found a way to make it into an advantage by pointing out that Zoe was merely imitating Megan. Conscientiousness: You are very well-organized, and can be relied upon (Percentile: 96%) A keen strategist who doesn’t like losing, Annalise often resorts to sly tactics if that’s what it takes for her to win a case. Extraversion: You are relatively social and enjoy the company of others (Percentile: 64%) As a prominent criminal defense attorney, Annaliese possess a talent of being persuasive and influential in dealing with the jury for her cases. She doesn’t mind being the center of attention at all, knowing that she herself is a brilliant and charismatic criminal law professor. Agreeableness: You find it easy to criticize others (Percentile:

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