Douglas Mcgregor's Approach To Motivation And Management

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Task 2.4-Motivation of staff Douglas McGregor's Theory X and Theory Y Douglas McGregor in his 1960 management book he proposed the two motivational theories which is the theory x and theory y and that made his mark on history. This motivational theories help managers perceive employee motivation. Motivational Theory X A Theory X manager assumes the following: • Most do not to work and come up excuses • Most don’t have high aims with lots of responsibilities and needs someone to spoon fed them • Not all think out of the box to solve problems in the organizations. • Not everyone like changes as they are not technologically updated The Hard Approach and Soft Approach Under Theory X, management approaches to motivation range from a hard approach to a soft approach. Theory x The hard approach means having control over the whole situation. The soft approach means is basically trying to seek harmony and hoping that the employees will cooperate. The hard approach results in hostility, purposely low-output, and…show more content…
Generally, a person beginning their career will be very concerned with physiological needs such as adequate wages and stable income and security needs such as benefits and a safe work environment. We all want a good salary to meet the needs of our family and we want to work in a stable environment. With self-completion, the employee will be keen on development and individual improvement. He may need a challenging occupation, a chance to finish further education, expanded flexibility from supervision, or independence to characterize his own procedures for meeting organizational goals. This is the magnificence of Maslow's theory of motivation. Worker needs change with time. This implies that M Hogan should constantly adjust to employees' changing needs in the event that they need to keep their workforce propelled. Maslow comprehended these

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