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Roger is an overweight, middle aged male. He is facing some dilemmas and is seeking help. He has health issues; diabetes and high blood pressure, has antisocial tendencies, a fear of rejection by women and struggling with homosexual thoughts and feelings. He had recently he recently contemplated suicide. In order to assist Roger, the counselor has to know his family background or relationship background. Roger’s background information can help the counselor understand why he may be facing his problems. Through session with a counselor, he will gain goals and treatment to assist him. His counselor will offer resources to assist him with his diabetes and health issues. The counselor will be using the person centered theory. It will be beneficial…show more content…
Roger unhealthy lifestyle. The counselor may believe Mr. Roger does not have a desire to include being healthier as one of his goals. The counselor could believe he has no desire of managing his diabetes and possibly lowering his blood pressure. The counselor may also lack the knowledge of how to help Mr. Roger enforce a healthier lifestyle. In this case the counselor should refer the client to a nutritionist or dietarian, to help enforce a lifestyle change. The second possible problem the counselor may face with Mr. Roger, as a client is homosexual thoughts and feelings. The counselor may not know how to counsel someone with homosexual thoughts or feelings. The counselor may also be biased towards homosexuals or does not believe in homosexuality. The counselor should not be counseling a client with the lack of knowledge in that area or impose his/her thoughts of homosexuality on the client. In this case, the client should be referred to someone who knows about homosexuality and does not mind counseling him. The last possible problem the counselor may face with Mr. Roger, as a client is his recent contemplation of suicide. The counselor may lack knowledge on suicidal prevention. In this case the counselor should not counseling Mr. Roger, he/she should immediately refer him to a counselor who can assist with his suicidal thoughts.…show more content…
I would also ask him/her if he/she had an idea for a goal, then I would try to incorporate both goals into one goal. If I were allowed only one goal, I would recommend my client to see a nutritionist or dietarian. I believe this would be the most beneficial goal because my client’s health and well-being is crucial. Theoretical Approach I believe person centered counseling will be most effective for the client. This approach will build a rapport between myself and Mr. Roger. It also gives him a chance to express his thoughts, beliefs and opinions on his contemplation of suicide and struggle with homosexual thoughts and feelings. It also allows the client to tell his story without pressuring him. This theory allows me to express genuine support. For this client, I believe journaling would be appropriate. It would allow him to express his homosexual thoughts and feelings without him feeling judged or ashamed. I believe with Mr. Roger as session once a week for three months can be beneficial. Due to Mr. Roger’s suicidal contemplation a regular session is required. I would encourage the client to seek other areas of psychoeducational assistance for Mr. Rogers’s diabetes. The program will help him manage his

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