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AGE CALCULATOR. Age is simply a numeric value credited to a living creature to show the period they have existed in this planet earth up to their present time. Every living creature especially man and animals have an age calculation system that helps to determine their age. Using human years, it is easy for one to determine how old their animals are by using simple age calculators for animals and they are specific to the kind of animal in question. Looking at human being, one gets to a new age after a period of twelve months. Even so, there are also a number of ways to calculate one’s age and the difference is brought about by the fact that there are different cultural practices across the world. For some cultures, an individual’s age is counted…show more content…
You will be able to budget yourself properly and buy all the necessities so that when the day comes you will not be caught unawares. It helps you keep track of your unborn baby’s growth and development: keeping a track of your gestational age will help you keep track of your baby’s development. For example, you can know that after a certain number of weeks, you child will have developed in some areas of their being. This knowledge of how your child is developing can help the mother feel more close to their unborn child. The result indicated by a gestational age calculator is just an estimation. In the event that you want more accurate answer, you can always go and see a specialist so that you can be confident with the final results. When calculating the gestational age in line with the American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, the following methods are used. Counting of the number of days since the appearance of the last period of a woman. Calculating the number of days from the time ovulation took place and then adding 14 days to

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