Martin Luther's Catholic Beliefs

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“To be a Christian without prayer is no more possible than to be alive without breathing” as stated by Martin Luther (Brainy Quote, 1). Martin Luther was a German Friar and Catholic Priest. He translated the bible from Latin to the common language making it easier for commoners and the uneducated to understand. He disputed Catholic practices with his interpretation of the bible. Martin Luther was a prominent religious reformer because he rejected practices within Catholicism, he then wrote the ninety five theses, and started the Protestant reformation. Martin Luther strongly rejected practices the Catholic Church has been doing for many years. Martin Luther read the bible and had his own interpretation; he saw things in the Catholic Church that did not make sense to him. For example, he did not like the idea of money being able to pay for people being forgiven for their sins. The Catholic Church also believed you…show more content…
One can probably infer that Luther was not a very rich man while growing up because he was usually against the idea of money. Also, one can probably see that Luther was a very intellectual man because he read the bible, which was in Latin and changed it into the common language. Another practice of the Catholic that he rejected was the belief that a priest could forgive you of your sins god didn’t have to himself. Although, in my church my pastor says that he forgives us for our sins he emphasizes the point that it is his works through God that he can do that. That was the intent of Martin Luther. With the rejections that Luther had was not meant to be an attack at Catholicism, but just some things that they might want to think about and maybe amend them. Well at first they weren’t meant as an attack. As the time went on and the church rejected his thoughts he meant for it to be an attack. As an attack he wrote the ninety five
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