Argumentative Essay On The Reformation

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The Reformations is not one of the happiest time periods in history. The plague was formed wiping out half of the population by the horrendous living conditions, and the only way one would be healed is if they were holy enough. The reformation was the result of the renaissance and it made man think about the church and the bible more. Essentially bringing wars and arguments because everyone thought their religious way was the right way. In the end creating a Protestant, England, and the Catholic Reformation. The Protestant Reformation was a religious uprising in Europe against the Roman Catholic Church. Popes and Cardinals lived more like kings than spiritual leaders. Popes claimed political as well as spiritual power. They commanded armies, made political alliances and enemies. The corruption of the Church was known and attempts by John Wycliffe and Jan Hus tried to improve the Church, but their efforts were not successful and were killed. Later on, Martin Luther, Ulrich Zwingli and John Calvin protested the Catholic Church. The Ninety-Five Theses by Martin Luther is considered to be the uprising of the Protestant Reformation. Luther’s ideas and style of preaching spread, moderately towards people who were…show more content…
The desire for change started within the Catholic Church before the spread of Luther. Many Catholics had wanted change and recognize the faults within the religion. Many problems that affected the church and the people. The rise of Protestantism needed the Catholic church needed to change. The Council of Trent was made and was very important of creating a self-reform. They tried to fix the problems that the Protestants complained about. The group played the role of revitalizing the Catholic Church. They made indulgences illegal. Rejected the Protestant belief of "salvation by faith." Allowed Bishops to take charge and to preach sermons. Allowing people to trust the church again without any

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